Family is about relationships. Family wealth management is, too.

Optimizing Wealth

If our deep experience in wealth management has taught us anything, it’s this — building a legacy is a complex business. It involves, lawyers, CPAs and investment advisors. It calls for personalized financial strategies, integrated tax and income plan design, business management, cash flow and liquidity management, and more. And no one advisor can handle it all.

In fact, the only path to success is partnership — bringing you and all your trusted advisors together as a team, making the best use of diverse talents in a cost-effective manner. And that’s what we do.

We don’t take the place of your advisors. Instead, we help them help you. By compiling their data in our integrated investment reports, we show how their work contributes to your overall financial wellbeing.  We bring out the best in your advisors as we coordinate with them to achieve your legacy goals.

Supporting Your Wealth Management

The portfolio of a typical high-net-worth family is complex, with wealth in any number of pockets — diversified investments, real estate, luxury items, collectibles and more.  The greater the complexity, the greater the likelihood that an opportunity will be missed or a potential problem will remain undiscovered. That puts you in a precarious position — there are so many moving parts, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Our team at CapWealth Insights has the experience to ask the hard questions, uncover these issues and fill gaps in expertise as needed. We understand that, as your wealth grows, so does your need for expertise.  If necessary, we can bring in additional, highly competent resources to support you and your trusted advisors, with expertise in:

  • Risk Management
  • Philanthropy
  • Lifestyle Management Resources and Outsourcing Solutions
  • Family Education and Governance
  • Tax Compliance Support
  • Wealth Transfer Support

As always, our goal is to help your advisors by giving them access to needed tools and making the highest and best use of all the talents on your team.