We align your advisors toward a common goal — your peace of mind.

Simplifying the Complexities of Wealth

Marketables. Alternatives. Real estate. Private equity. Chances are, you have a complex portfolio of assets, and you rely on a team of advisors to manage them.

But when was the last time all your advisors came to the table with you to discuss your overall financial position? How well are they communicating with each other? Are they missing something?

If these questions keep you up at night, CapWealth Insights can help. We simplify the complexities of wealth. We aggregate complex data from all of your investment relationships to provide customized reports of your total investment performance at any point in time, at any level of detail, allowing you and your advisory team to make sound decisions.

Reporting and Relationships

The cornerstone of our approach is comprehensive investment reporting. Using our transparent reporting engine called Provable Integrity®, we collect data from your many investment relationships — advisors, investment managers, custodians, accountants, attorneys, bankers, trust administrators and insurance representatives — and give you consolidated, customized financial reports in near real time for more objective decision-making and legacy building.

We combine these sophisticated data-gathering technologies to give you CFO/CIO-level resources you can’t find anywhere else.

Because we are independent Registered Investment Advisors with first-hand experience managing family wealth, we can help assess your position. We participate in setting overall strategies to help you make informed decisions to achieve your family legacy goals. We securely maintain your data over time so we can learn from the past as we plan for the future. And we do it all with an emphasis on cost efficiency.

We don’t take the place of your trusted advisors. On the contrary, we aggregate their data to help them serve you. We bring all your advisors together, improving efficiencies and ensuring everyone is working toward the same goal – your peace of mind.