To get where you want to be, start by knowing exactly where you are.

Integrated Investment Reporting

Some reporting tools are based on simple software or spreadsheet programs that provide a basic snapshot of your performance. CapWealth Insights is different. And our difference is data – clear, timely information to help you make informed decisions.

Using our proprietary technology system, we build a comprehensive database for you, consolidating information from your many investment relationships – advisors, investment managers, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, trust administrators, etc. – to provide a complete picture of your wealth. There’s no guesswork or estimates – you know exactly where you stand.

Provable Integrity®

We call our approach Provable Integrity®. We believe you deserve comprehensive, transparent reports that provide a clear understanding of your returns, the performance of your managers and the full costs of your investments. By building a legacy of data that covers the financial history of your family and foundations, we give you a transparent, all-inclusive view of your net worth.

We collect the data, house it and secure it to ensure privacy and confidentiality. And we customize our reports and include performance measures and standards, all to provide timely, transparent and invaluable information to supplement the work of your advisors and help you continue to make informed decisions.

Investment Oversight

Think of us as choreographers, collecting and arranging data from your managers, then providing detailed reports and strategic advice.  Our valuable investment oversight tools include:

  • Consolidated investment reports, across managers and asset classes.
  • Tailored financial decision-making reports.
  • Ongoing, customized performance reporting, at the entity or partner level and at any level of detail.
  • Guidance on strategic asset allocation.
  • Evaluation of investment advisors, consultants and managers.
  • Oversight of fiduciary standards for investment managers.
  • Building cost efficiency into your asset management.