Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work with my existing advisors?

Our clients typically have highly competent attorneys, accountants and investment professionals already engaged. Our mission is not to replace these advisors, but complement them.  We provide integrated investment reporting that will give our clients and each of their advisors the information and data to continue making the good decisions that are the hallmark of successful families.

Why do advisors want to partner with CapWealth Insights?

Because our collaborative approach allows experts to be experts. CapWealth Insights can fill in any gaps or provide additional resources as needed. We want as many smart people as possible working together for the benefit of our clients.

Are you a multi-family office?

CapWealth Insights provides comprehensive reporting and access to the resources to support the complexities of wealth. We do not believe in the concept that one size fits all, nor do we compete with existing trusted advisors. We offer an approach for families who want an alternative to operating their own family office organization or being part of a multi-family office.

Why do I need CapWealth Insights if I already have a tax advisor, attorney, investment advisors and banker?

Wealth management and planning requires expertise in a variety of disciplines — accounting, tax planning, law and investments. CapWealth Insights provides the data and tools to give a full picture of a client’s wealth while also uncovering planning opportunities. Our collaborative approach allows our clients to receive the best of these diverse talents in a cost-effective manner.

Do you sell products?

No, we do not sell investment or insurance products. We are committed to independence and objectivity.  No products, no commissions, no conflicts.

Do you prepare tax returns?

Although we have CPAs on staff, we do not prepare tax returns. However, we collaborate with our clients’ CPAs to provide data and customized reports to facilitate cost-conscious compliance.